Indy (Lexi X Charlie)
graduating puppy class!
(Lexi x Charlie)
My daughter, Makenna, in her
1st Jr. Handler show.
Josh and Linus
(Lexi x Charlie)
(Lexi x Charlie)
Kirra loves the San Diego
(Lexi x Ranger)
Indy playing fetch at the ocean!
(Lexi x Charlie)
Zoey at Balboa Park for
Earth Day
(Lexi x Ranger)
Puck likes to help with the gardening!
(Annie x Matrix)
A cat can be your best friend!
(Mercedes x Matrix)
Below, Trigger, at his first Rally
Enjoying a little shade!
Tucker (Mercedes x Matrix)
Marley (Lexi x Ranger)
Typical look for a  brother/sister
Journey and Puck
(Annie x Matrix)
They also enjoy a good game of
Lucy is head of her class!
(Lexi x Ranger)
Cooper (Malibu x Matrix) and
Trigger (Mercedes x Matrix) came
to see me at the California show
Buster rafting on the Klammath River with
his family! (Annie x Matrix)
Linus (Lexi x Ranger) loves to
dress up! He's ready to go Trick-or-
Marlie (Malibu x Casanova)
decided swimming was fun!
Rye (Malibu x Oakley) passing his
Herding Instinct test.