Puppy Buyer Information
Information for Prospective Buyers
How much does a puppy cost?  All puppies that are sold to pet families are sold on a spay/neuter agreement.
Price for a pet puppy is $1500
- $2000.
Puppies going to a show/breed home are at private treaty. Prices are based on pedigrees, quality of the parents,
show record of parents, etc. All puppies in show/breed homes are sold on a co-ownership with Desert Sun.

What vaccinations do you give? Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks. I give their first set of shots at 7
weeks. It is called the "Puppy Shot". DAPP+CV. If a puppy is here longer, then they will be vaccinated accordingly.
All puppies leave here current on vaccinations and wormings.

Who are your dogs registered with and do I get registration papers? My puppies come with registration
in the breed name Miniature American Shepherd (the name given to Mini Aussies in AKC). They will come with
AKC and/or UKC papers. If you are purchasing a puppy on a spay/neuter agreement, you will receive Limited
Papers, showing the dog is not allowed to be bred.  If your puppy comes with AKC papers, you will receive them,
and have to mail in for your papers, as I cross out the boxes to register online, so AKC is aware of the Limited
status of your puppy. Show/breed homes are given paperwork to register their puppies, with me being listed as
the co-owner of said puppy.

Are your puppies potty trained and crate trained? When puppies are between 2-3 weeks old, I start to litter
box train them, using pine pellets. By the time they leave here at 8 weeks, they are litter box trained, but not
housebroke. Several of my puppy buyers have told me it is very easy to housebreak their puppy after learning
this method.
I do not crate train puppies. I will at times put a small crate in their pen for them to go in and out of, but if they
leave here at 8 weeks, they are not trained to be in a crate. All of my older puppies or dogs that I sell are crate

What type of health testing do you do? All of my breeding dogs have had their eyes checked by a Canine
Ophthalmologist and are clear of any eye problems. I also have all of my dogs hips tested either through OFA or
PennHip to verify that hip dysplasia is not present.  I also test for MDR1, PRCD, Hereditary Cataracts, and
Degenerative Myelopathy. You can learn more about these by visiting my Links page, and clicking the websites
under Health Testing.

Do you offer a health guarantee? Yes, I offer a genetic health guarantee. At any point of your dog's life, if
something were to happen, that a vet says is the result of a genetic fault being passed down by the parents of
your dog, I will replace your dog at no cost. You will be asked to show proof from your vet, and you will be
responsible for any and all shipping costs related to receiving your new puppy.

I saw a puppy for "such and such amount". Will you lower your price to that?  No, I will not. I spend
hundreds of dollars a year on genetic testing, eye tests, hip tests, etc. I show my dogs in conformation, so I know
I'm breeding the best quality that I can. This is a very expensive "hobby". Please remember, when purchasing a
puppy, that you get what you pay for. All puppies are cute. Please take a look at the parents, and grandparents, if
possible. This is what your puppy will look like as an adult. Also confirm that the person selling the puppy is aware
of the genetic diseases in this breed, and does all appropriate testing.
*Buyer Beware*
Whether you purchase a puppy from me or not, please be aware of the following when making your decision!

  • If you contact somebody about the puppies they are selling, please ask about what health testing they do. If
    they tell you they don't health test, or "their dogs don't have and have never had any problems", run the
    other way. If they are really trying to improve the breed, they will spend the money to verify they are
    breeding genetically clean dogs.

  • Ask what type of activities they do with their dogs. Do they compete in any sports? Are their dogs obedience
    trained? Do they compete in conformation? People that are just breeding to hopefully make a quick dollar,
    are not the ones you want to purchase from.

  • Please read people's contracts and know what type of guarantees your are getting when you purchase your
    puppy. Genetics and health are very important in this breed, and people who are breeding, should take
    responsibility for the dogs they are producing.
Thank you for taking the time to read. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Deanna Mooney
How are puppies placed? Puppies are placed in the order deposits are received. I do not place a show home
over a pet home, if the pet family had their deposit in first. However, I do reserve the right of first choice for
myself in each litter.

All our puppies are evaluated at 7-8 weeks old to determine if they are show/breed or pet quality. They are also
temperament tested, so they can be placed in a home that will be a suitable fit for their personality.  
All puppies are sold on a pet or show/breed contract.
Available - puppy is available
Pending - puppy is pending for a  show/breed quality, but will be available if pet/performance quality.
Sold - Puppy has a home waiting and is no longer available.
Hold - Deposit is on its way and must arrive in 72 hours or the puppy is released and available.
What do my puppies and dogs eat?
I am a Independent Field Representative for Life's Abundance Dog Food. I have tried many different brands of
dog food over the years, and am very pleased with the results  I am seeing in my dogs while being on Life's
Abundance food. I would be happy to discuss any questions you may have in regards to not only the food, but the
treats, different supplements, etc. Life's Abundance has to offer.
If purchasing a puppy, please make sure to buy a bag of Life's Abundance All Life's Stages dog food before
picking your puppy up. It can only be purchased online and will be delivered to your door.